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10-year-old boy thrown into fire over alleged stealing of rice in a market

A 10 years old boy named Ifeanyi Umoke and a native of Inikiri in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi state is currently battling at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, FETHA2, to stay alive following first degree burns he sustained after he was thrown into a burning fire at a refuse dump site by one Paul Ifere Amah and Paul Nweke, who accused him of stealing rice at the market square.

According to a Human Rights group, HURIDE, the little boy had lost his mother while his father is suffering from a chronic mental illness.

Speaking with newsmen in Abakaliki, the Chairman human right defender, Mr Samson Nweke said “we got a call from one George Etamesor of the HRCRC over this grave abuse on this poor child.”

“This little boy is 10yrs old. According to our feeders, his mother is no more and the father is bedridden with a chronic mental illness.”

“Because he was caught trying to steal some rice in their village market, he was tied up and thrown into burning fire in a refuse dump in the market” he said.

It was learnt that some good samaritans helped the little boy out of the fire and rushed him to AMURT hospital in Effium, however, he was rejected by the doctors due to the severity of the burnt.

The little boy was then taken to Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching hospital Abakaliki, AE-FETHA2 where he is currently being admitted, but is struggling to stay alive.

The suspects who committed the devilish act, Paul Amah and Paul Nweke, when asked why they did what they did, said, “Ifeanyi has been in the habit of stealing cassava, yam and others.”

“So, this time, we caught him stealing rice, we decided to teach him a lesson so that he will not come back to steal food again.”

“It was not our intention to burn his whole body. We only tied him up and after beating him, we tried to roast his toes in the fire, but because he was struggling, he fell into the fire and got burnt beyond our expectation,” they stated.

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Ruth Ayemi November 8, 2020 at 11:30 AM

This is inhumane. Stealing food shows that the child is hungry taking into consideration his present situation with no helper. Their excuse is no moral justification to do what they did. They should be procecuted and charged for murder if the child losses his life. Justice must prevail. They are evil.


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