By Comrade Itulua Harrison

It’s imperative for me to State Clearly as a right activist that Armed robbery , Kidnapping and Car Snatching has been the order of the Day almost on Daily basis Since armed robbers Started Killing Police Men on Special Duties and at Same time Carting away with their rifles With a Negative Intention to Deliberately make Themselves as Menace to Our Modern Day Society.

The ENDSARS Protest Organised by Some Responsible Nigerian Youths in Delta State and Other States Which I Was Privileged to be amongst the Frontline in The Struggle has infused a lot Fear into the Mind of Nigeria Police Officers including Ranks and Files of the Force as a result of the Campaign against Police Brutality, Extra Judicial Killings by Men of The Special anti robbery Squad ( SARS ) across the Country and Other human rights Violations like Forcing a Suspect to make Confessional Statements Without the Presence of a Lawyers or anybody of their Choice according to the Administration of Criminal Justice Law.

The hoodlums Who hijacked the Protests in Different States in Order to Perpretrate their Criminal Acts / Tendencies are not Genuine Protesters because they took Laws into their hands by engaging in Criminal activities like Prison break in Edo State , Attempted Prison break in Warri Correctional Centre along Okere road , burning of Police Station in Some other State, looting of Shoprite in Lagos and Palliative Ware houses including individual Shops and Properties.

I want to Say here Without Fear or Favour that I Condemn Such Criminal Acts in totality by breaking Laws and Order during the Cause of the Peaceful Protest even when we are in Democracy . The entire Youths are Supposed to be Focused in achieving thesame Goal by Saying Reform and Restructure SARS and Say No to Bad Governance in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Police Force, That is Saddled With the responsibility to Protect Individual Lives and Properties are human beings like us and as Such have their respective Families and Fundamental rights to be Protected too.

We Should also Consider the Fact that as humans, We are Prone to errors and Common Mistakes on daily basis and Same is applicable to all Security agencies across the Country. Then , if we must agree that No man is Perfect except the almighty God that Created the heavens and Earth , We must learn to Understand individual Differences and Work Collectively With the Strengths of all our Security Forces in Order for them to feel Our Support and Confidence While Carrying out their Legitimate Duties.

On this note , i Urge President Muhammadu Buhari and The IGP Adamu Mohammed to See to the Welfare Packages of the Nigeria Police Force by increasing their Salaries , Providing enough Uniforms, Boots and Operational Vehicles / Maintenance to enhance adequate and effective Policing across the States and Nigeria at Large.

To this end , If these Welfare Packages are Put in Place Immediately and implemented in reality, it will boost the Morale of the entire Police Men employed to Police the People in the Country and to that effect , Extortion of all types will be Completely eradicated from the System hence Defaulters Will be made to Face the Full Wrath of the Law by facing Dismissal or Penalized according to the Police Acts and regulations.

In Conclusion, May the Souls of all Our Fallen heroes Who Lost theirs lives during the Peaceful Protest @ Lekki Toll Gate While holding Our Nigeria Flags and Some Police officers who also were Victims to hoodlums , rest in Perfect Peace .

I remain my humble Self ,Comrade Harrison Itulua….
My right is my right , is my right !

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How Sergeant Osayende Aihiebhoria Wife And Children were Abadoned After He died in active service protecting the Governor of Borno State Prof Babagana Umara Zulum,

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  1. Thanks for concern .and patriotism I wonder if other Nigerians thought that policemen were imported and not Nigerians like them,or the rice and fuel they buy in the market is not the same as the police, we are all victims of bad governance enough of discrimination against police for goodness sake. God bless nigeria…..

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