About Us

The Nations Express

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build a reputable and world class media institution whose watchword is professionalism and integrity.

Mission Statement

Our mission as an online news magazine is to ensure that THE NATION EXPRESS, a general interest magazine becomes the cornerstone of investigative journalism in Nigeria and Africa.

We will publish a credible and influential magazine that will galvanise the public especially the government and decision makers into taking actions that will change the political, socio-economic landscape and society in general for the better.

We will focus on business and economy, oil and gas, environment, politics, vulnerable groups – youth, women and children, and give voice to the silent majority and minority groups.

We will use THE NATION EXPRESS to fight any form of injustice and ensure that no section of the Nigerian society is neglected, discriminated against or left behind in our quest to build a better and just world where basic human rights are well respected and cherished.

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