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Barr. Felix Isere

By Esezobor Ohimai, Benin City

How does changing Edo State University from Iyamho to Uzairue change the fact that the University is located in Iyamho and it is a legacy of Adams Oshiomhole? It is like changing my name from Felix Isere to Sarah Isere because I want to prove to people that I have power to do anything; does that change the fact that I am still a man?
This exposes the character and type of reasoning of opportunists and confusionists who found themselves in power.

How does it change the fact that the University at Iyamho was built for the rich and not for ordinary citizens of Edo State?

How does this pettiness change the fact that for the past 8 months lecturers of the state owned university,Ambrose Alli University have not been paid their salaries?

How does it change the fact that children of the poor cannot attend AAU , a State owned university again due to the unreasonable increase in the tuition and acceptance fee?

Infact,how does it change the plethora of Security and Economic problems facing us as Edo people at this critical time?

I really do not blame those who were used for this pettiness and childish political vendetta,but those are celebrating; it is like they have broken record.
Even Edo State University students or their relatives who ought to be angry at this lack of priority of those in authority are foolishly celebrating as if Comrade Adams Oshiomhole or any of his children will attend any of the schools in Edo State in their lifetime. Who has actually bewitched them with this foolishness? Tomorrow the same people will accuse Buhari of being a tyrant.

Legislators who have important bills to debate and serious matter of state to attend to,will not have time for such frivolities aimed at satisfying the ego of a rising godfather(s) in Edo State.

The truth is that those who have power today should use it to build legacies and strong institutions not for promoting pettiness and unnecessary political vendetta because it is not always forever.

I would have hired an orchestra to celebrate them if they had reduced the tuition fee from N1million to N50,000 to enable the poor attend the school. That’s the only sane way to spite Oshiomhole and not by this infantile display of pettiness

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