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Barr. Alex Oleije

…In an interview with THE NATIONS EXPRESS (Good Morning Nigeria Show).

…The former Eme Progress Union online co-ordinator and THE TRUTH LIVE anchor Mr. Esezobor Felix Ohimai.

The Truth Live Anchor, Mr Esezobor Ohimai

Highlights reasons the former Commissioner For Environment and Sustainability, in Edo State deserves Re-Appointment.

Says Hon. Barr. Alex Oleije is best option to represent his Local Government Of Origin, Owan West in Governor Obaseki second term administration.

By Ahmed Al Mustapha, Abuja

We learnt you are a strong supporter of Governor Godwin Obaseki?

Well I am a public servant at that I shouldn’t be seen in partisan politics, although I think the good people of Edo State choosed the best choice as Governor.

Because the Governor first term was a visible administration of good governance, so at that level he deserves every Edo eligible votes in the whole senatoral district.

Do you have visible projects of Gov. Obaseki in your Local Government Of Origin?

Yes practically speaking Obaseki is the only Governor who remembered my people for a long time since the administration of Late Prof. Ambrose Alli of blessed memory.

I can count up to four different road projects of Obaseki in my hometown Eme-Ora.

He renovated dead institutions like schools and markets, roads all over Owan West Local Government Area.

This once are only projects I know about, there are many more in other villages and clan.

He has distinguish his presence in my Local Government, infact other politicians only remembered my Local Government during election period.

They turned Owan West to venues for campaign rallies of fake promises every four years.

Who do you think Obaseki should appoint into his second term administration in Owan West?

We have many great sons and daughters who are from Owan West.

Who were supporters of Obaseki, but the best must represent the good people of ORA/IULEHA/OZALLA Clan.

I choose the immediate past Commissioner For Environment And Sustainability, Hon. Barr Alex Oleije.

He should be Re-Appointed into this administration.

He is accessible, humble, politically strong and closer to the people than any other technocrats.

He worked hard for the Emergence of Governor Godwin Obaseki second term.

He stood out strong in the political trials of Obaseki.

He loved, and has always preach the goodwill of the Governor to the Owan people who deserves the best.

He loved Governor Obaseki projects from the heart, and with so much attacks he faced during the electionairing period from the lovers of Adams Oshiomole in the area.

He stood tall and he was ever ready to tackle anything to defend the Governor. He is the kind of Representatives I want in the Governor Obaseki cabinet.

What are your expectations of the second term of Obaseki?

He should make sure it’s Edo first before any other interests.

We need more of international investors in the State, he should invest more on security of life and properties of Edo people who never failed him in his political trials time.

He has the capacity to improve the economy of the state at all levels.

He should enhance the environment for the private and public sectors to thrive and he should target empowerment of the youths through the state SME’s Programmes.

The infrastructure of the state needs immediate intervention, he should make plans to decongest the hectic traffic on Ramat Park by building a fly over infrastructure in the area.

Do you think Obaseki will appoint youths in his cabinet as he has promised during the #ENDSARS protest?

Like I said I am not a politician, but a Public Servant.

I am not closer to him but I know a lot of people who are close to him.

Edo greatness is unnegotiable at all.

We can not continue to deny youths representation at in this Nation.

Like I earlier advocated, the former Commissioner For Environment And Sustainability, Hon. Barr Alex Oleije should be Re-Appointed by Obaseki.

Alex Oleije is in his mid 40’s he should be Re-Appointed to his administration this will be viewed by Edo youths as youth representation.

Though the Governor is youth friendly in his first term in office., I hope to see same in the next four years.

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