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Mr Esezobor Felix

By Esezobor Okaima, Abuja

Give N50,000 to a secondary school dropout and watch him buy a stove, a frying pan, cooking oil and other things to start Indomie business.

In just three years, the young man will have a wife, a plot of land worth N1million, a Tokunbo car, a TV, sofa, bed, etc in his one-bedroom house.

Give N1m to most university graduates and watch them buy Samsung Galaxy phones and several pairs of skinny jeans, take their numerous girlfriends out, take selfies and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In less than two years, they will be buying Indomie on credit from the secondary school dropout and paying rent or staying in their parents’ house.

The question is: does education breed Arrogance? Gullibility and stupidity?

Education does not necessarily breed any of the above, but it makes you look down on possibilities as “not befitting my status”.

Unemployment is actually higher amongst the educated than amongst the uneducated.

The uneducated are more innovative and ready to do what the educated will refer to as” dirty, menial jobs”.

And before you know it, the uneducated guy will be needing an Accountant to manage his finance books and will now employ the educated guy!

That is the reality of our society!

Common Sense: Work as if you have no certificate, remain humble.

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