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Sen. Uzamere

“If the president says I’ve lost the capacity to guarantee the security of lives and property, it’s certainly an impeachable offence”
Professor Yemi Osinbajo
Feb 8, 2015.

These were the words of Prof Yemi Osinbajo to President Goodluck Jonathan during the campaigns of 2015. Same period, Gen (rtd.) Buhari and ex-Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu had asked President Goodluck Jonathan to resign from office because of insecurity.

Buhari boasted at Chatham House, London, that being a retired army General, he knew our military too well. That our military underperformed because they were ill-equipped.

That as a general, he’d lead from the front. Many Nigerians believed if voted into power, Buhari as president with erudite professor of law Osinbajo as vice president will magically solve the problem of insecurity in our country.

But at last, Nigeria is today worse for it. And we remain silent, comatose from that ailment Fela Anikulapo Kuti diagnosed as wrong with Nigerians:


Five years after, Nigerians are daily slaughtered like chickens. Their handlers pour salt on our injury thoughtlessly. How can presidential spokesman Garba Shehu tell Nigerians and the rest of the world that more than 43 rice farmers were slaughtered in Borno State because they failed to obtain permission from the military before going to their farms. What kind of government are they running that citizens must get permission before carrying on with life?

Five years after, the same APC that castigated Jonathan as clueless, felicitated with him on his birthday last month, mulling the idea of him running for presidency. What a greek gift! Only a blind and over ambitious man will accept such gift.

Nigerians are tired of a government that is busy fighting other political parties while her citizens are under threat. I am sure that President Buhari, Vice President Osinbajo and ex-Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu would have come to stark realisation that their talk in 2015 was cheap.

They ought to apologise to President Goodluck Jonathan whom they castigated and under whose watch Nigerians did not witness the kind of mindless killings of today. They ought to apologise to Nigerians for deceiving them, making promises they cannot fulfil or have a clue as to how to fulfil.

Borrowing from their thought process, they should resign from office as they have failed to secure the lives of Nigerian citizens from Maiduguri to Ondo to Southern Kaduna and the rest of the country. Especially the Vice President, a professor of law who should understand the implications of obtaining by trick.

As of today, Nigeria is on reverse gear, plundering on without two side mirrors. Our leaders should accept failure.

Time we encouraged another set of leaders that will put national interest above personal interest. Leaders that will put Nigeria first before any country of affiliations. A leader whose constituency will be Nigeria and Nigeria alone.

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