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businessman assassinated by gunmen inside hotel

By Ejiro Idanigho, Asaba

Gunmen suspected to be assassins have infiltrated a hotel and murdered a 38-year-old businessman in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

THE NATIONS EXPRESS gathered that the victim was shot dead on December 25, at Helena Hotel, in Ijapo, Akure.

According to reports, the dead man was identified as Babatunde Adeluka, also known as Tunde Olubasa among his many friends.

It was gathered that the attackers who murdered Babatunde, were up to 3. He was said to have being trailed to the hotel, situated some few meters from the Police Zonal Command in the State as well as the Ijapo Police Station.

An eyewitness, which happened to be a bar girl told Police operatives that the victim was shot dead when he came down stairs from his room and wanted to get some drinks.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro, confirmed the incident. He said that the case was that of an assassination and not a mere case of armed robbery.

He said, “I went there myself. By 4:00pm, i was already there. We’ve commenced investigation trying to track down who came to kill that guy.”

“It’s an assassination, not a robbery case. At the time it happened, there was nobody there, except the bar girl. The bar girl said they were 3 guys that came in, and was already waiting.”

“The deceased lodged in that hotel and went out at some point, came back and left again. By the time he came back, the assailants were already at the bar drinking. When he came back, he went into his room, took a bottle of wine and then called for a bottle of soft drink from the bar.”

“When he got to the bar, the 3 guys asked a lighter from him to light their cigarettes and he said no. It was at that point they pulled out their guns and shot him. The assailants left the hotel when he gave up the ghost.”

He also said that the Commissioner of Police, in Ondo state, Bolaji Salami, has ordered a full investigation into the incident. He also disclosed that police operatives were on the trail of the fleeing assailants.

“We’re on their trail right now. The Commissioner of Police has ordered a full investigation into the incident. To us, we’re are thinking it’s an assassination. But the investigation will unravel all that happened.”

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