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He issued the statement in a security meeting he attended in Abraka Delta State.

In my capacity as the President of all Urhobo Youths Worldwide , I joined the Anti Cult Volunteer Corp (AVC) and Police Campaign against cultism and other social vices (POCACOV) In collaboration with Delta State Orientation Bureau to sensitize our youths on the disadvantage of belonging a member of any cult group .

As a major youth stakeholder , it has become very worrisome to me how our youths who are leaders of today end up joining secret cult groups and cutting short their lives . I joined this campaign due to my desire to secure the lives of our youths . I used the opportunity of the program to advise my Ughelli Youths on the need to shun the current fight between AIYES AND BAGGERS which has claim so many lives .

In days to come , I will be visiting the Ughelli Community to have a meeting with both viral group on possible ways of settling the issue amicably inother to give peace a chance .

The consequences of Cultism/prostitution includes

1) Pains
3)perpetual Fear
4)Low self Esteem
5)Loss of Peace of Mind
6)Destruction of Businesses
7) Destruction of Academic
8)Rustication of School
9)untimely Death and Shameful Death .
10)Poor social activities

We all must begin to look inwardly , as we continue to preach to our youths to Shun any behavior they wouldn’t be proud of tomorrow or behaviors that will bring shame and disgrace to their families .

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