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By Esezobor Ohimai, Benin City

Enact a law mandating all political office holders to enroll their children in public schools and see if Nigeria will not have a quality educational system.

Ban all the political office holders from flying out of the country for medical treatment including their wives and children and see if Nigeria will not have first class healthcare system.

Ban all political office holders from using any kind of generator set in their houses and see if Nigeria will not have stable power supply.

Use civil service salary/allowance structure to pay all political office holders and see if any soul will die during and after election.

Don’t allow the president or governors access to the treasury and see if men and women of integrity will not occupy political space

Make it compulsory for all political office holders to travel by road and see if all our roads will not be motorable.

Don’t attach any security forces to any political office holders and see if the country will not be at peace.

make it a death sentence to any corrupt public officer serving in government and see if it will not serve as a deterrent to those intending to engage in corrupt practiices

Without enacting and implementing some of these highlighted points into law, we are going nowhere.

But who will be bold enough among the present and potential political leaders to think and act in this direction?

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