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By Esezobor Ohimai, Benin

Senior Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor of Edo State on media, Mr Benjamin Atu, has called on the Chairman Media of the All Progressives Congress, APC Campaign Organization and the Ize-Iyamu campaign Organization to complete his first round of apologies by immediately extending his retraction to Nigerians, Edo State indigenes and both the Deputy Governor of Edo State Comrade Philip Shaibu and his wife Comrade Mrs Maryann Philip-Shaibu, for the embarrassment and stigmatisation against the number two farmily of the State, during the September 2020 Governorship election.

According to Atu, John Mayaki should realise that the allegation against Mr. Mike Igini of INEC can’t be compared with the weight of allegation level against the entire people of Edo State and his deliberate disdained against various Monarchs in the cause of seeking for a means of survival at the just concluded Edo Governorship Election.

“Mayaki has always gotten it wrong. It’s his nature to always get his facts wrong.

“Mayaki should as a matter of urgency, conduct far reaching credibility, integrity and fact checks on all the statements authored by him against the Edo Deputy Governor, especially where he accused Comrade Shaibu of Gun deals without evidence.

“Mayaki should also exume the doctored video circulated by him where he also accused the Wife of the Edo State Deputy Governor of threatening to flog Edo Women who refuse to vote for Governor Godwin Obaseki.

“Such an allegation against God and humanity is far more embarrassing than the ongoing embarrassment he is currently describing,” Atu said..

The media Aide maintained that, now that John Mayaki has woken up from his unprofessional slumber and conduct, he shouldn’t only bemoan his unfortunate conduct of allowing his political interest to motivate and take a better part of him in reporting lies; he shouldn’t be shy to also go ahead and do a more comprehensive apology in order to justify his unprofessional conduct which previously led to his sack by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

“The Nigeria media was more embarrassed by the unprofessional conduct that was displayed by John Mayaki and his level of desperation in using names of corporate Organization like the Nigeria Bar Association, and Various Government Agencies in his self endorsed press releases.

“He must not forget to extend his public apologies to various institutions whose corporate image were dragged to the mud in his determination to impress his pay masters. Using names of Public institutions to self endorse Ize-Iyamu was not only embarrassing but humiliating.

“Traditional institutions and Religious Organizations were all embarrassed by the actions and unguided utterances of the same John Mayaki. The reverred Palace of the Oba of Benin and those of other prominent traditional rulers were all quoted out of context deliberately by Mayaki, in order to create tension in the State and justify unrealistic expectations.

“The Oba was quoted to have called the Deputy Governor to Call his thugs to order wherease such tension soaked utterance never emanated from the palace but the imagination of this element”.

Benjamin Atu emphasised that, now that the desire of John Mayaki of advancing his political interest with fake news has crashed and his damaging propaganda could not land him a win in the September Governorship election as expected, he should know it henceforth that he has lost public respect and such respect can’t be regained through his watery discharge apology.

“It has become an habit for John Mayaki to always say a word and withdraw it or tender apology. That’s is why he apologized with impunity and empty Pride.

Apart from the fact that all his sources of information have always and will continue to mislead him and his paymaster, it has also impugned on the reputation of the Nigeria Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) which has won world accolades for Free fair, Credible and transparent election in Edo State.

“It was good that John Mayaki was quick to admit that he was manipulated by his source of information, he has also admitted that he is willing to apologise to whomsoever he may have offended. I am calling on him by this statement to make true his claim of great dose of responsibility for his unguarded utterances by reversing himself that the Edo State Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu didn’t ever plan to ambush himself as he Mayaki also claimed. He should also tender a resounding apology to the Deputy Governor for accusing him of having Covid 19 in course of doing his job as an hiling.

“While we wait for the numerous pending apologies, let me remind Mr John Mayaki that he has no space anymore in the Obaseki’s administration because we are aware of his ongoing lobby and effort in returning to serve in this same Government. His desperation to serve again in Obaseki’s Government is clearly obvious in his trending apologies where he said he is “determined to win back the confidence of his readers by putting in more hard work in whatever assignment under his supervision.

” The Governor and Deputy are among his readers and are unwilling to put any assignment under the supervision of a perpetual apologist”

John Mayaki undoing was his failure to realise that the people of Edo State are strong believers of consolidation of democracy as the best if not the only way to continue stability and development and creation of opportunities for the less fortunate.”

“Beyond apologies, Mayaki should also be courageous enough to acknowledge the developmental projects of Governor Godwin Obaseki. APC must realise that, although Obaseki brought development but the beneficiaries are Edo People. We must stop robbing Edo people to play Politics. The current crop of Edo Politicians in power or in Shadows have sworn to the agressive pursuit of development. No amount of blackmailed can reverse the trend. We do not need fun seekers in Government who have refuse to quit playing with Mundane things in the name of criticism.”

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