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Gov. Godwin Obaseki

by Osazee Edigin, Benin City

A lot of us understand what a seaport is and its commercial value to any society. When the word ‘port’ is mentioned, we can quickly relate it with sea or waters, import, export and goods. However, there is another dimension to what a port entails and how Edo people can benefit from the Edo Inland Dry Port project.

As the name implies, the inland dry port is a real port that can carry out all operations of the commonly known seaports. The only difference is that it’s not within the closeness to where ships berth.

You can receive your consignments from any part of the world there and can send to any part of the world as well. Its operations are same with the popular Tin-can port that we know save that this is an inland model of it.


An exporter in overseas can indicate Edo state as his preferred port of destination from any part of the world. His consignment will be delivered to Edo state without any form of hindrances along the way. The clearing will be done in the inland dry port in Edo state which will have customs officers and other relevant regulatory agencies on the ground. What you can do in Tin-can port, you can also do in Edo state and take delivery of your consignment(s).

The flip side is that, you can also export your goods to any part of the world through same Edo Inland Dry Port. Imagine the convenience it promises for importers and exporters both in Edo state and neighbouring states that won’t need to go to Lagos to clear or forward their consignmentss and elimination of all the stress along the Lagos expressway.

Edo state government ahead of time have put in place an industrial park project. The idea of the industrial park is for manufacturers to site their goods production close to the Inland Dry Port for convenience of moving raw materials to it and maximizing profits. That is another job creation strategy that will ultimately benefit the masses.


A port is one venture that earns government huge revenue and attracts a whole lot of business opportunities for citizens. Billions of naira goes through a port on monthly basis and some of these ends up in the pockets of private partners in the operation of the port. A visit to Tin-can port will give an idea of the business and job opportunities we intend to gain from this project.

For us as a people to be part of the various opportunities inherent in the project, we must as a matter of urgency acquire the requisite training and knowledge of port operations and take advantage of the various opportunities that comes with it. Some of the opportunities are technical and knowledge base but not such that are difficult to navigate through. Our brothers and sisters in Diaspora can also take advantage of the opportunities due to their relative advantage. Some smart lawyers in Edo state are expected to develop themselves in related field of law to be part of the opportunities.

Our company will be providing all the needed supports for Edo people ahead of takeoff. We will be organising trainings and seminars with experience resource persons in the field who will expose us to the various opportunities to take advantage of. If we ignore this early information to take action, the opportunities will be taken over by outsiders whom already have been into it while we complain and lament simply because we were indifferent.

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