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Fear grips residents and business owners in warri as there have been incidents of robbery incidents daily by fully armed and prepared robbers.

This morning our team of correspondence gathered that alot of P.O.S operators have been robbed in okumagba avenue.

A lot of business owners were shot. By armed robbers after the robbers succeed in robbing them of phones and money

One Mr. walter who witness one of the robbery incidents spoke with THE TRUTH EXPRESS Correspondence.

On Sunday 1st November I was at ejiro junction. Inside a church when I saw about four armed robbers who double crossed a Toyota Camry and instantly started shooting sporadically, they snatched the car shot the owner of the car in his leg.

In another occasion which look more like a drama in that same spot. And location that day, the armed men snatch another Lexus jeep from a woman thereafter abadoned the former car they robbed that faithful day.

In another account an iwitness who simply gave his name as Mr Akin Kenneth. A hotel owner told our correspondence that he saw about three robbers attacking a man.

They first shot the victim on his face who died on the spot.

Before collecting his money, phone and other unknown gadgets they immediatelyb drove off in a Mercedes Benz 190.

Mr Akin Kenneth said in another account some armed men with gun in a convoy of three cars came to inikuaye street off giwa amu chased all the vigilantes men on duty away with enough gun fire.

They robbed electricity metres from houses of the residents and vehicles batteries belonging to them.

Many residents were seen lamenting to THE TRUTH EXPRESS about the security situation in the area.

They appealed to the State Governor Dr Ifeanyi okowa and Delta State Police Commissioner Mr Hafiz Inuwa to please come to their aid as they are now leaving in total fear.

Many residents clamored for the CP to order the DPO ‘B’ Division Warri to return the never afraid and dreaded team of ‘B’ division policemen. Who have been patrolling the area with Volkswagen Vento.

Who are never afraid to confront any armed robbery set in the area.

They said the team have been successful in eradicating crime in the area.

Seeing them alone changes your way of thinking instantly.

As at the time of filling this report we called the executive governor of Delta State Dr. Ifeanyi okowa on phone. He promised to speak to the Commissioner Of Police Delta State concerning the plights of the citizens in the area.

We contacted the Police PPRO to confirm the situation of this report her phone line was switched off.

Our correspondence reached out to one of the dreaded team members who spoke on the condition of anomithy.

He said we are not afraid to cumb this menace in the metropolis. But it must be done on order and directives by the Police authority.

Moreover we do not have a serviceable vehicle presently.

We can not police the area alone without the support of the general public.

We therefore call on all well meaning Nigerians to come to our rescue with good vehicles.

That alone will boost the moral of every members of my team.

We are ever ready anytim to police our area of responsibility on the constitutional oat we took on the day we joined the Police force.

Imagine the false petition we face by some members of the public who want to bring the team down by all means.

For performing our lawful duties. We are have been demoralised by same people we serve.

Police are human too we have wife’s and kids to care for. We want immediate justice for our policemen who were unlawfully killed by the members of the #ENDSARS protest, all over the nation. For our moral to be boosted

We can’t do it alone when we are under attack by members of the public.

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