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Meluwa Nwonkoro,  Warri. 

The group said they are not part of the request made in the media by other group calling for the total disengagement of Heritage from the oil block, advocating the need to follow dispute resolution procedures.

Group under the agis of CLUSTER Management Committee, CMC and Communities’ Representatives Committee, CRC, in the Oil Mining Lease, 30, on Sunday has distance self from report requesting the total disengagement of Heritage from the oil block in delta community. 

Dr.  Patrick Oboghor and Mr. Joseph Ibuje had accused the company of consistent failure to meet it’s obligations to it’s host communities.

Speaking on behalf of the group, why reacting to the publications, CMC and CRC, Mr. Okpako Godwin Onome, Clement Udi and 8 others, made this known in a statement forwarded to newsmen on Sunday November 15,2020.

According to the statement, “those who are calling for the company to leave , had ran foul of the GMoU signed in the presence of the state government that every dispute must be dialogued.

“We as leaders and Cluster Chairmen/Secretaries in the OML 30 are bound by the GMoU signed by us and the company and witnessed by the Delta State Government, and will therefore not be party to blanket statements to the press without consultations and following due process as enunciated in the dispute resolution procedures of the GMOU.

“As community leaders and Cluster Chairmen/Secretaries in the OML 30 we would ordinarily not respond to such publications, but when the issues involved affects our communities we believe our consent should be sought before such statements affecting us is made.

“We are not defending the company and its failures, but rather advocate that we follow the dispute resolution procedures.

It is explicitly stated in article 16.1, 16.6 and 16.7 of the GMoU that no party should resort to violence and self-help. 

“The publication directly breaches Article 16.7, as the call to disengage definitely calls for disruption of Business Operations and we will not be party to actions that will breache the GMoU and affects the oil production in our oilfields.

“We therefore completely disassociate our clusters and communities from this illegality, and call on the authors to consult widely so that we can put in motion dispute resolution process. Until this is exhausted we will not be party to requesting the company to leave if it falls within our purview.”

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