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Mr. Esezobor Felix

By Ejiro Idanigho, Asaba

The Nations Express Publisher who was interviewed yesterday by an online radio station, Classic Fm.

On the way forward for Nigeria he has this to say.

Same man that won’t respect the traffic light is out there demanding change.

A man that will refuse to update his vehicle particulars but willing to bribe a police, road Safety, VIO, Nigerian army, is out there demanding change.

An importer that wanted to evade duties but willing to do deals with the Nigeria custom officers is out there demanding change.

A commuter that is willing to liter the street with remnants of his delicacies is out there demanding change.

Artisans who regularly swindle their customers at the slightest opportunity are out there demanding for change.

Lecturers who refuse to register on IPPIS for the purpose of earning triple salaries, who also exploit their female students and force their male counterparts to pay their way through difficulty are also out there demanding for change.

Traders who will increase prices arbitrarily based on speculations are out there demanding for change.

Civil / Public servants who are live above their earnings and maintain expensive lifestyle through corruption on daily basis are out there demanding for change.

CSOs/NGOs that are living large on grants from overseas meant to better the lots of the people and the society are out there demanding for change.

Religious leaders who are openly partisan and involved in all manner of corrupt practices and inflammatory preachings are out there demanding for change.

When you look at us and our characters, you see sharp contrasts from what we are and what we demand.

A consumer who regularly bypasses Electricity supply line to evade paying the right tariff is out there demanding for change.

We are not better than the police and those in government that we vilify regularly. After all they are part of our families and they live with us.

Cultism, Tribalism, ethnicity, bribery, corruption, Armed Robbery, 419, Armed Banditry, kidnapping, human trafficking,Terrorism, Exam malpractices, forgeries and all the negative vices are what Nigerians are perceived to possess as our trade mark, home and abroad.

We are a TRUE reflection of what we see in the mirror.

If we like we can stay outside there to protest forever, nothing will change if we refuse to change ourselves.

It is a contradiction for cruel people to demand for kind leaders. Be the change you demand.

An adage says, if everyone on a street cleans their frontage, the street will be clean.
Let it begin with you.

My take:- If we don’t change our attitude, how can we expect to see any positive change in the Nation?

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