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By Comrade Chris’Oboh, Benin

The latest song in the vocal cavity of EPM and other blind followers of APC, which has been, ” Obaseki Show us your certificates ” has expired as they all inhaled the heavy stench of their farts and pukes today during the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, wherein the Independent National Electoral Commission tendered Obaseki’s Certificates in evidence.

This is where the authorities of the University of Ibadan comes in as the issuing authority, as they must be called as a witness, apart from the defence by his legal team. There is no gainsaying the fact that his Alma mater which has severally made series of press statements that Obaseki is not just an alumnus of the premier University, but a distinguished alumnus, are already set to disgrace the EPM and their sponsors once again, which analysts have predicted to be the internment blow, programmed to finally pulverize and send them to their political Golgotha.

Without being told as expected of modern homosapiens who reason in tandem with the 21st century technology with emphasis on it’s “pros and cons” , one could see on the certificate being referred to as ” No date” that even the main heading before the school logo( *University* *of Ibadan* ), was cut -off, and it’s only a digital photocopier that can make such an understandable and unavoidable error once the right paper size is not programmed before copying, but the truth remains the fact that, a photocopy must have an original where it was produced from, and that’s the dated one with the school logo and name on it.

If this is what is being referred to as forgery and perjury by the EPM, then you had better wake up from your daydreaming and embrace realities as it would be easier for you to squeeze out water from a stone than to come near winning this case under any guise.

” The Courts will never dabble into areas where it has no jurisdiction, irrespective of whose ox is being gored, and the only constituted authority to give a final pronouncement as a witness, to both the plaintiff and the defendants, as it affects this certificate(s) issue remains the issuing authority ( The University of Ibadan).

EPM should rehearse for a new song as Obaseki has finally tendered his academic certificates before the Court, which has sent cold shivers down the spine of the blind followers of APC under the aegis of EPM.

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