Quran is more superior than the Nigerian constitution — Sheikh Bauchi


By Kassai David

Controversial Islamic Scholar and leader of almajiri in Nigeria, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, has said in an interview with Daily Sun, that the Quran is more superior than the Nigerian constitution and therefore, neither the constitution nor political leaders in the country have the right to give instruction or law to the Quran.

The Islamic cleric made the comment in response to questions on calls to abolish the Almajiri educational system which is said to have fuel the growing insecurity as well as poverty in the North.

He said, “Our biggest religion is the Quran. We will not accept the ban on Almajiri. We have the right to go anywhere in the world to read the Quran. This is a right given to us by God. The constitution of the country gives us the freedom to practice our religion the way we want it.

“The Quran has given those in power, laws that they have refused to abide with, what right do they have to give instructions or law to the Quran? Our right to freedom of worship is being violated. We will not accept violation of our right to go to any part of the country to practice our religion.

On claims that the Almajiri system breeds insecurity and poverty in the north, he responded, “Is it the recitation of the Quran that breeds poverty or Insecurity? Or hunger? These are the thinking of atheists. I am asking the world, does the Quaranic education bring hunger or poverty? These are the thinking of infidels and those with misconceptions about religion. Are they the only group that make the country?” he questioned.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has in a recent remark at the first session of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Arewa House in Kaduna, blamed Northern Governors for being responsible for the many problems facing the region such as poverty, illiteracy, insecurity, and religious intolerance.

He said, “The north of today is not the same north Sardauna wanted to see or had dreamt about. It’s not the same north that our children now roam the streets, begging for food in the name of Almajiranci. It is not the same north in which Sardauna wanted all our girls to go to school and he was very passionate about girl child education. It is not the north that he has built and left a very solid foundation and it is now left for our politicians to build on that foundation.”

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