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By Felix Osemwengie Isere Esq. Benin City, Edo State.

There is too much celebrated madness and error in Edo politics by supposed educated adults who ought to understand the workings of Nigeria’s democracy and Federalism.
I like Edo State governor for one thing,the man is smart and knows how to easily deceive our people with rhetorics and orders.He knows many of our people are gullible, lack critical thinking or/and sycophantic in nature, he knows the type of declaration to make that will excite them. He is also very good in blackmail.

I thought elected local government Chairmen are supposed to give an account of Stewardship to their people who elected them and not to an individual as it is demanded from any true democracy? When has a sitting governor ever give account of what he has done to the President of Nigeria? This is a celebrated error that has now become a norm.

Methinks what we should be demanding from the outgoing local government Chairmen is to publish the total revenue they received and what they did with it, that is the only way we can judge their performance. For example, we cannot expect a local government Chairman who receives N50M monthly FROM THE STATE GOVERNMENT and the recurrent expenditure(Salary payments) alone is N60M to achieve anything. You cannot also expect a local government Chairman who gets N5Million monthly as Iternal Generated Revenue(IGR) to perform the same as a Council Chairman who gets N100Million as IGR.

I decided to mark the words RECEIVE FROM THE STATE GOVERNMENT above very bold because that is where this error is coming from, that is one truth many State Governors in Nigeria or even Local chairmen will not summon courage to say. Since the Federal Government decided to start sending direct allocation to Local Governments Accounts as against the joint account with State Government before, the practice now is that the Local Government Chairmen do not have power to spend that money, they remove a large percentage of it and give to the State Government who will now then give them instruction of the projects to execute with the one giving to them. If you think this is not correct,I challenge anybody on a live debate on any TV Station on it and I promise to present my facts and figures with evidence. This is the reason why Egor Local Chairlady was suspended some times ago, because she challenge this error,she was suspended and same with others.

The ideal of Mr Governor ordering them to forward their achievement to him privately is Constitutionallly, Politically, and institutionally errorneous, undemocratic, suspicious and lacks all elements of true transparency and accountability. Apart from the fact that it a smart and disguised attempt by His Excellency to eschew liabilities from the failure of the many Council Chairmen,I also see It as an unnecessary political grandstanding and a diversionary tactics aimed at denying some of them a second term or justifying his plans not to conduct local government election.

This was the tactics Mr governor wanted to use to also blackmail medical doctors in Edo State and paint them in bad light when he knew the fault was actually from the State Government ,but with their response we knew where the error was coming from,but in the case of the Council Chairmen,they cannot speak out because they are advanced political serfs controlled by an overlord which is the governor.This is the main reason why many of the governors, including our own governor rejected local government autonomy.

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