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Comr. Harrison Itulua

By The Nations Express

The Nations Express Publisher Dr. Esezobor Ohimai, has congratulated Nigeria’s Foremost Human Rights Activists, Comrade Itulua Harrison on his birthday today.

The Chairman MarvBeth Groups the Publishers of The Nations Express, Odogu Wahala, Dr. Esezobor Ohimai Iria, via his personal assistant, Media and Publicity, Mr Jonathan Odeweghen , noted the many achievements of the veteran activists as he celebrates his birthday.

Happy hearty belated birthday to the renowned Human Rights Activist Comrade Itulua Harrison. This wise grey is one that is born once in every generation of activists.

Sir, your visage sparkling like the stars of the cloud, carries the ever Hallowed sermon of personhood and humanity.

Like a voice crying in the wilderness, you have stood firm as an apostle of Rights. May God always give you reasons to be happy and a hand to hold beautiful and fulfilling years of life. As a rare gem that you are, you are already fulfilling destiny and it is hoped the more, that you will do much more. Your strength will not fail you because you are doing a great service to humanity.

On this special occasion, as you mark another milestone, all of us at, The Nations Express, the whole of MarvBeth Groups join our hosts of family, friends, Human Rights Activists and Lawyers to wish you a special birthday.

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