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By Okadigbo austine, Benin

I have listened with disdain the blames on President Buhari. Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria.

Palliative and ware houses during the End SARS protests ought to teach us this lesson on who actually is the problem of Nigeria.

I was surprised that people were portraying Aisha Yusuf as heroine during the End SARS protest. It’s heartbreaking to see that we youths don’t really know the problems confronting this country.

Aisha, Obi Ezekwesili, Bola Amed Tinubu and the gullible youths that supported them in bringing Buhari without a criteria to measure his competence are some of the problems in Nigeria.

Very painful is the fact that the youths are not even ready to learn let alone effect change.

The worst problem of Nigeria right now are the Governors. I will only explain from one point of view. Have you ever asked how much is your Local Govt Allocation? Owan West Allocation from Federal Government is over 100 million naira.

Let assume that money comes and the Governor removed 10 million naira for his own personal upkeep.

Then the Local Govt Chairman remove 5 million for his own upkeep as well.

Out of 100 million, we will have a balance of 85 million naira.

Put the wage bill of the Local Govt at 55 million. We still have 30 million naira balance. Remove 5 million to settle traditional rulers, we still have 25 million naira left.

Remove 5 million naira for security including local vigilante, we are left with 20 million naira. Save 5 million in addition to whatever you generate as IGR.

We are left with the balance of 15 million.

Out of the 11 wards in Owan West, the Chairman can then decide to spend 10 million naira on each ward every month. In 11 month, he would have been through with the entire wards.

The next year he starts again with the first ward he attended to. In the entire 3 years tenure of the Chairman, he would spend 30 million naira on each ward.

Tell me, by now would our Local Govt Areas not become London? We are the problem of ourselves and not Buhari.

Everybody is waiting for Federal Govt to do everything, whereas Local Government and States have been given adequate funds to take care of most things.

Until we operate Nigeria from a pyramidal structure and not the inverted Pyramidal approach we found ourselves now, we won’t make headways.

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