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Top 10 Best Courses You Can Study In Nigeria Vasities

By Esezobor Felix, Warri

As one of the developing countries in Africa, it’s only wise to know the type of course to study in Nigeria. This is certainly because some University courses are of less value to the country in general. Hence, the purpose of this very article, so read up!

Recently, in Nigeria it is believed that some set of University courses are of less value simply because there are little or no career opportunity. Likewise some courses are believed to have more value than the former for the very reason that there are likely more opportunities therein.

For the past years Medicine have been seen as the number one most valued course in Nigeria. But with the recent turns of event in the country, one could hardly affirm to that perception no more.

However, it wouldn’t be so easy to outline the ten most possible best courses to study in Nigeria as there is no standard guideline for that. The list have been culled up based on the marketability of the said courses in Nigeria.

Below is the list of the estimated top ten courses to study in Nigeria Universities. They are arranged in the alphabetical order for the purpose of references.

1. Accounting and Finance: This is one of the best course one could study in an Nigerian Universities. Almost every profession is in dire need of an Accountant expertise. An accountant could simply work in any field be it in a school, hospital, supermarket, hotel, airport, including all government establishments. Every financial position in any company, organization or establishments would definitely need the knowledge of an Accountant.
A Bsc in accounting is a step ahead to the amazing career. One could equally go ahead to obtain MSc, PhD so as to boast the chances of getting promotion in this field.

Here’s a list of career opportunities in accounting.

Accounting Officer
Accounting Clerk
Accounting risk analyst
International accounting specialist
Chief Financial Officer
Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigator
Procurement Officer

2. Agriculture: Times were gone when agriculture was practiced by poor farmer only. Nowadays agriculture is among the most valuable courses. A degree in Agricultural Science is a good step to starting off a career in agriculture.

3. Architecture: This, too is one of the valuable courses one should study in any Nigeria Universities today. A very nice attribute with the course architecture is that, it ensures that one could work for a government firm and one could equally work privately at the same time. With the high and ever increasing rate of construction and designing building in the country, Architects will always be needed for this very purpose.

4. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering: This yet, is another banger course to be studied in any Nigeria University. Guess why? Well, the simple fact that Petroleum is and remains the very basis of the country’s economy recently made Petroleum and chemical engineering a hit course. Also, it is worth noting that petroleum companies are included in the best-paying companies in the country.
Therefore, there’s every need to highlight this exact course as a highly valuable course in Nigeria considering it’s immeasurable values.

5. ICT and Computer Engineering: This is a very valuable course not just in Nigeria. The recent computer/jet age is solely revolving around ICT and technology hence the rapid increase in the field. Graduates of ICT are mostly sorted for in the country and throughout the other parts of the world including those that posses special skills in information technology. Nevertheless, one major thing concerning ICT is that one may major in a particular skill even without obtaining a BSc in the University. Therefore, ICT and Computer Engineering still remain a relevant course to study in the country.

6. Economics: This Course works hand in hand with Accounting. Same way, a graduate in Economics could work in mostly any firm. But, then Economics differs a little in the sense that it doesn’t deal with just money.

7. Electrical engineering: Basically, permit me to say that all engineering courses are included in the top best courses to study in Nigeria. Out of these such engineering courses, Electrical Engineering is among the most sought-after courses for Jambites every year. This course particularly is generally about the studies and installation of electricity and electromagnetism.
Nevertheless, the fact that job opportunities are not usually obtainable most times in this field, it is still believed to be one of the best courses to study in the country.

8. Estate Management: Out of all the environmental courses in Nigeria, this is one of the best. Estate Management is strictly based on the appraisal, evaluation, acquisition, development, and marketing of building properties. Basically, Estate managers deal with the valuation and management of buildings and land majorly for both the private and the public establishments. Estate Management have multiple values and opportunities in most developed countries and is likely to have few of those values and opportunities in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria. But then, a lot of visible opportunities are gradually on the increase in Nigeria recently for estate managers. The good news here remains that Estate managers could be self-employed as well and there are zero competition in the Universities to study this course. In regards to that, recent graduates find it easier to locate such opportunities as they come. And also, the fact that population increase is inveiteble in the country simply made estate management another banger course to go for in the University.

9. Medicine: Medicine has since made a major mark in health sciences courses in general. Well, basically this is due to the fact that one could never go wrong with medicine. It simply means that the chances of getting a job is always high because the course is of high value in Nigeria. In the other hand, this entitlement has simply made the rush to study medicine in any Nigeria University a herculean task. Firstly the jamb and post jamb cut off marks are exceptionally high hence the competition is extremely high. Also, the regard and reputation that comes with being a medical doctor is another factor that sky rocketed the course mostly in Nigeria and nence made it one of the top best courses to go for.

10. Theater Arts: Sounds stupid, right? Hold your horses yet, let me land. As crazy or as unbelievable as it may seem, Theatre Arts is quiet on a daily rise. With the growing of the baby Nollywood industry and the entertainment sector in general, theater arts is on a move too! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with arts, beauty and fashion. The joy and creativity derived in making live concept is overwhelming and it’s gradually taking over the country and in turn exposing theater artists more and more. Thereby, including the course in the list of our top ten best courses to study in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, aside these aforementioned, there are other tons of good courses to go for in any of the Nigeria University.

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